Web Development Trends

8 Web Development Trends to Dominate The Year 2024

We live in the technological era where we as humans are finding new and better ways to do innovation. Now, we can accomplish results faster, and do comparisons of enormous amounts of data on just one single click of the mouse button. Isn’t it fascinating already that we have so many guides in the web development? That said, we will be always looking forward to exploring the brighter end of the spectrum. Keeping this in mind, let’s check out the relevant web development trends.

No-Code Development 

We are moving toward a no-code zone, where developers will use new tools, streamline their project, and even reduce their workflows. Overall, this should be a very important change. One benefit will be that it helps you (web developers) focus on the relevant task. For beginners, it would be easy to develop applications and website for mobile phones even when you don’t know how to code. With no-code or low-code, the barrier that stops seekers to enter visual programming will drop. We have some potential that have nailed it already. Take a look at Bubble; they are the winner. In case your product development has a lot of manual tasks, then low-code tools are for you. Simply integrate them into your workflow and see the magic happening. 

AI and ML 

Presently, everything is switching to use AI(artificial intelligence) and ML(machine learning). Giants like Facebook, Instagram, and even some websites are leveraging the benefits offered by these advanced technologies. By investing in NLP in particular, it’s easy to convert the advantages of AI to make more chatbots, search engines, etc. You can see if your current business can use AI/ML options to automate certain processes. Simply by implementing AI technology, you can gain new insights to reach more customers and to generate profit. 

Voice Search 

It’s been a while since the IoT(internet of things) has been ruling the world of the internet. In 2024, voice search may grow more than ever before, along with smart speakers. As far as the estimation is concerned, the number of voice assistants can touch the mark of 8 billion by 2023 and over 160 million speakers by the end of this year. This massive growth will affect a lot of sectors, including developers, SEO and marketers. All you need to do to leverage voice search is to optimize your website content and try using a conversational tone. 

Progressive Web Applications

Using a progressive web application is slowly replacing native mobile applications. In 2024, it’s expected to grow continuously. One of the benefits of using a progressive web application is the experience it offers to users. The brand is expected to use PWA since it helps in reducing the website locating time. Moreover, you can still work even when you are offline. The PWD within a browser makes it simpler for developers to build applications for a variety of screen sizes. Making a website and an application is a long process, but with PWD you can make it better for customers even faster than ever before. 


Single page application is another way to increase the understanding of your customer about a concept. One reason for the high bounce rate is that web pages and web apps take longer to open. The longer a user waits; the more annoyed he feels. One solution to this problem is to increase loading speed, or you can go with a single page application. That is why SPA’s which enable unlimited scrolling has grown in trends. For example, Facebook is a primary candidate to know how SPA must be used. It’s developed using JavaScript, and it is being used by so many companies now. 


The key area to monitor is cyber-attacks. In 2020, they demanded a software company for $20 million. These attacks happen because some hackers wanted to overwhelm their target. In the attack, they pumped viruses and malware into the software company’s server, which resulted in a loss of revenue. The number of attacks is increasing every year, and we can safely expect that business/brand would be diving deep into cybersecurity as well. To protect yourself from cyber-attacks, you must prepare firewalls and determine current vulnerabilities. Also, you can ask your employees to use a VPN. 

Motion UI 

Your website contains all the information that users are looking for! But do you want to make it more aesthetically pleasing? You can do it by simply increasing motion on the user interface. Leveraging motion UI design increases page interactivity and it’s the next best thing to do. So, that once a user lands on your website, then your design must be easy enough to navigate. At least it should not be confusing; otherwise, you can include motion design and help create amazing interfaces. You can also add visual cues on your website to keep the user engaged. 

Cloud Computing 

In 2022, work from home is increasing, and this trend might go on in 2024 as well. This is affecting the growth of companies; many have been shifting to remote-first structures. So, it’s safe to expect that all the computation will occur online saving hardware. If in case you have to use a lot of hardware to support your operation, then perhaps it’s best to switch to the cloud and save some resources. Consider this might be the next best approach. Cloud computing holds a lot of promises and needs to be explored even more than ever before! 



The key to winning in 2024 is personalization. It’s the way to offer customized solutions to a specific problem. So, the solution is to increase possibilities and to take the best approach. Customization is on full throttle in 2023 and might continue in 2024 as well. Today we have so many tools that can help you to set up a custom solution without hampering your current workflow. Start by mapping out and understanding what works best for your firm, learn about the tools that can help and start executing. 

Lastly, companies will be favoring the first developments, new creative technologies and applications that can help increase productivity. With the increase of IoT, we will need new interfaces and software tools. Some developers have set focus on taking the product first approach and they might be able to bring forward a necessary change. There could be a large number of investments done in chatbots powered by AI.

Since the customer service is seamlessly complex, it can be very soothing for businesses to have 24×7 chatbot support for their customers. Chatbots are cheap, they are effective and easy to deploy. They can also answer questions, take orders, and help you stay connected with your valuable customers. As a CTO, you must learn about the upcoming web development skills to prepare pro-active for the trends. Moreover, you might be able to turn business blocks into profits using the applications and tools mentioned in this post. In 2024, there will be no more coding and no more manual customer services. Many brands and businesses will run solely on web development and social media. Furthermore, the dark-theme UI will forever stay in trend when it comes to mobile applications.