Ultimate Guide to Web Development in 2024 & Beyond!

Ultimate Guide to Web Development in 2024 & Beyond!

In this post, you will learn about the new technologies, web development, UI/UX designs, DevOps, etc. It’s the right time to find a notebook and a pen/pencil so that you can make notes whenever you find something important. Within this post, you will get a high-level understanding of how things work in web development. So, wasting no more time, let’s get things rolling. 

Ok… First things first you must know the working of the internet, in other words how one terminal of a computer connects with another terminal? To communicate with the computer, use browsers and HTTP/HTTPS, etc. Let’s understand the basic tool’s: – 

Your Browser

As a web developer, you must know about the browsers on which your end-user will view the application. There are a plethora of browsers available for example chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. They are the primary browser for testing. To use a browser, all you need to do is install them on your computer/laptop and you are ready. 

Your Editor 

Another important application for web developers is the text editor. This application will help you to write code in a much more efficient and accurate manner. You can use VS Code – that’s very popular. It’s easy to use and faster than any other editor out there. 

Your Terminal 

Using terminals can be tricky, and it can scare off the beginners. Don’t worry! You will be fine, just choose your terminal wisely. Mostly you will find a terminal with every operating system. But, you can also download one from the internet. There is one in the ‘window’ operating system and another one in Linux. 

Your Design Skills

So, you want to be a UI/UX designer? In such a case, you must learn some design tools. There are some amazing design tools out there, for example, Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop, etc. But the major things to learn about are as follows. 

Learning HTML and CSS

Almost every single piece of the web page on the internet can be linked back to HTML. It’s not a programming language, but it serves as the primary building block. HTML is used to provide a structure to the web pages by using syntax, semantic HTML, and forms, etc. On the other hand, there is CSS and another important web development tool. Most web developers use CSS to add a style flair to their webpages, it’s also used for animation. Learning CSS can be very beneficial for web development, especially if you are just beginning on this journey. Once you grab the basics, next you can play with transition and animations. To enhance your coding power, CSS can be combined with JavaScript. Using this combination you can make responsive design, fluid widths, etc. You can also use CSS with React, but don’t rush it – just take you time and begin at your own pace. 

Pick Your Choice

Now you must choose the path you want to walk. In other words, web development offers you to take front-end, back-end or mobile/desktop development. Later you might work on web development with machine learning as well. Remember to pick the technology that interests you the most, so that you can pour your passion into developing something worthwhile. 

Choosing Front-End

In the front-end development, you will have the opportunity to work on projects using technologies like HTML and Javascript. To help you perform better, there will be designers as well as back-end developers. The back-end will help to get access to data, for example, price and size of the product, etc. to be shown on the website. 

Getting Along With JavaScript

Another language to learn in 2024 is JavaScript. As a web developer only by practicing JavaScript, you will be able to do complete ‘website design’ related tasks. For example, you must learn about JSON, Fetch API, and basic syntax. Most of the time, you will be working on JavaScript only. Learn about it first.

Learn TypeScript

Once you become comfortable with JavaScript, next you can pick up TypeScript that will help you find the errors. You can use JavaScript as a tool to make the code, and TypeScript to make your code even better than ever before! TypeScript is also one of the most common frameworks. 

Front-End Frameworks

Working as a web developer has many perks, for example, it will help you to build interactive UI/UX experiences. Moreover, within a team, you might be dividing a project into parts so that everyone can work together. There are a couple of other frameworks to learn as well, for example, React, Vue, and Angular. 

  1. React is easier to learn. 
  2. Vue is easiest to implement 
  3. Angular is the most popular. 

State Management 

Working with frameworks might need all your skills. Since it has many moving parts, it’s important to track to ensure that data passes between states with no hassle. You might want to look into Context API, Redux and NGRX. 

SSG and SSR 

Site generators are popular and will continue to be so during 2024. You can use a static site generator to easily make landing pages. Yet, you don’t have to limit it, for example, SSG can be used for blogging sites as well to yield better results from SEO. It can be useful as a plugin as well, or you can use GraphQL, Gatsby, Nuxt.js and 11ty, etc. 

Even More Tools 

There is another tool named package manager. This tool will help you with pre-build packages so, that you can integrate the packages into your application. There are some build tools, for example, task runners that can get your environment up and work in no time. They can be used to perform tasks like tree-shaking and image optimization. You can use Linters and Formatters to find/identify coding errors. Lastly, the theory is module bundles that will help you to compile the code. 

Version Controlling

In the realm of web development, it’s very important to control the version. As discussed earlier, you will be working with a team. So, keeping track of changes is a must. The key to do it lies in collaboration on projects. Also, version controlling is an internal part of continuous integration and deployment.

Choosing a Language 

There is a variety of language to pick from, for example: – 

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C#
  4. PHP 
  5. Ruby 

Selecting a language is important for the application that needs to be developed. The formula to successfully implement the project is to combine data sets with the right programming language. For example, to access a large data set you would need python otherwise for a simple web server, you can use JavaScript. So, pick up the language that brings better results. 

Lastly, web developers must invest in learning about building mobile web design and applications. Most people now access the web using their smartphone devices, so investing in learning skills to develop responsive mobile applications makes a lot of sense. You can also learn to build cross-platform applications using AI and ML. These new tools will help you to perform complex functions from collecting massing data, analysis to solving complex business problems. Apart from that, you will need soft skills as well to work along with a team.