13 Leading Web Design Trends for 2024

13 Leading Web Design Trends for 2024

Web Design rules the front page of the internet. Today, when the competition to stand out from the crowd is once again on its rise it becomes crucial to ensure that your customer lands on a safe and well-appearing landing page. Web designs are influential; they create attraction and play an important role in conversion. The change is design trends have remarkably made its impact on how we see the digital world. In this post, let’s explore the leading web designing trends for 2024. Let’s also discover how visual communication is being rapidly adopted by commercial business and brands. 

The vision of this post is to help you reach out to the best web design trends that suit your requirement. Remember that the post contains 13 web design trends; it’s possible that not all of them would work for you! Yet, it will help you to lean towards a better understanding of how the year 2024 is going to look from a web design perspective. 

Here we go… 

Black is Back ( Dark Mode )

YouTube is doing it, your Gmail has it and many other giants are planning for it. In 2024, BLACK IS BACK which means you can switch from the usual “Light theme” to much more interesting and unique “Dark theme”. It’s not new to have an option to switch to dark mode but the trend is becoming what is now called a practical beginning. One of the reasons why ‘dark mode’ is getting all the hype is because it allows elements of design to pop-out. In a study, it was found out that using ‘dark mode’ also saves battery powers. Moreover, dark mode is healthier to use given the white screen can blind you especially when you turn off the lights. 

Easy Shape And Geometric Grid 

It seems that the artistic style of the 19’s is slowly but steadily making its way to the web design trends. The motifs of using easy shapes throughout web design are to give visitors a simple and mindful design to navigate through. The simplistic designs boast two-dimensional illustration with no depth or texture. To add some flexibility to the designs, web designers from around the world are using easy shapes in combination with grids. The grids help in structuring the layout for a cleaner and bolder look. Together they work well to capture the attention of the visitors to give them a satisfactory webs design. The simple shape can be used with a button to promote limited-time offers. 

Collage Design and Art 

For years collage designs were used to tell stories. Believe it or not! The concept of collage dates back to 1914. The collage designs are nowadays used in crafting various media-types for example posters and sometimes for the magazine as well. Now the art has made its comeback through Facebook and Instagram. The stories and news feed content have collage design embodying high-quality visuals and a piece of photograph. Collage Design and art also made its place in gift shops. You can now get a wide range of gifts with collage art print. 

Lighter Color Tones 

With the boom of “dark mode,” the use of lighter colour in the web is gaining its popularity. Using lighter colour tones offers quality as well as visibility when used in the on-screen design. Yet, it is debatable how using lighter colour tones look on print media. Thanks to high-resolution screens and lighter colour tone can be used for creating a smooth visual experience. Web designers are leveraging the satisfaction effect of the light colour to deliver a more tranquil experience to the visitors.

Elegant Fonts Vs Retro Fonts

To craft state-of-the-art web design you need to keep a balance in elements. The elegant serif fonts are all-time go-to fonts and are loved by web designers. Today, with the variety of screen sizes enabling elegant fonts can give a less cluttered and more readable view. Likewise, using old retro fonts is now becoming a cool thing once again. Retro fonts can deliver an amazing experience. In the upcoming month, prepare yourself to see a lot of retro fonts on web design with handlebar moustaches and dark backgrounds. 

Playful Animations

The year 2020 took us more than it should! That said, in the year 2024, it’s time to look at the world from a new perspective. The web designers are following the same phases of website design and delivering creative design with a punch of playfulness. For example animated string of words, left-to-right sentences, decorative additions and much more! The aim is to combine both traditional and unconventional elements to give a more informal tone to the overall design. 

Scrolling Cards and Gallery Menu

The most influential designs are coming out with horizontal and vertical scrolling. It is a great way to deliver facts and figures to the visitors. The scrolling card layout has been here for some time now and yet there is no sign of it leaving anything sooners. On the other hand, to give a modern spin to the menu there is “half hover gallery and half navigational menu”. On the first look, it might seem like the typical menu but the magic happens when you hover upon it. 

Illustration With Textures

All we know is that printing in colour is not an option. Yet, you can add artistic effect to their content, newspaper etc. If you want to go for the prints then black and white colors are for you. The cartoon-inspired black and white illustration can be used to compensate for the lack of imagery. Plus you can add a large amount of text. To alleviate the cognitive load, designers are using a texture-based illustration. One of the best examples of illustrations is the Mailchimp homepage. 

Dark Outline

Black is love! It is becoming popular in many formats starting from the dark mode to black outlines. The thick black border is visible in many web designs. The whole web page appears like a cut-out from a large image. Undoubtedly, it’s delivering a powerful impact on your engagement. The captivating black outline gets the attention almost immediately.  Moreover, it seems perfect for personal blogs, travel diaries etc. 


The world of emojis opens a new space for communication and storytelling. Nowadays, digital designers are embracing the use of emojis on the web-page, emails, group forums etc. We all saw the rise of emoji marketing and now when conversation demands more than words; these playful emojis come to your rescue.  Web creators have taken the playful language of emojis to express brand sentiments to the larger audience. Now you can broadcast your voice without using words. 

Creative Product Photos 

You can expect around 300 million online shoppers by 2025 in the US. That is approximately 91% of the total population. So far, online shopping experiences created by giants like Amazon have inspired a lot of other businesses and brands to consider this option. Furthermore, getting an ecommerce store is also now very easy and simple. That said, one of the biggest challenges of online shopping surfaces when it comes to buying clothes. With brands using 3D simulation to provide visual solutions yet gaining the trust of customers for your online shopping store, still it requires a lot of effort. Brands like Adidas have adopted 3D simulation to give visitors an in-depth view of the fabric textures. 

Surrealism Shock 

Moving a step further, many web designers have developed surrealist styles. In this technique, the position of the element is very counterintuitive. Plus the display is enhanced by using unusual backgrounds. The surrealism offers visitors a new look at the product. In short! It adds a layer of feel and vibe to the product. Typically, surrealist web design leverage flamboyant colour, abstract textures etc. 

Negative Colors

The end spectrum of this post brings a unique nature of colors. Web designers have been using colors from the end of the range for a long time now! This means using bold colors like comic-style themes and 90’s-style etc. These patterns are alluring the young audience and giving an upbeat vibe. The ’90s generation will love it! 

Nowadays, more and more physical products are turning digital. It’s worth mentioning that new products demand a new standard of web design especially for the e-commerce smart visitors. This means a new form of colour combination, style and a new approach to creating visual synergy will be required to deliver 100% satisfactory results. Plus for content marketer and copyrights, web design has been a useful resource for storytelling. Visual storytelling combined with new web designing trends is making a whole new experience for readers. Creativity combined with easy controls is also helping users to freely interact with the products/services. Moving forward, you can expect to see more custom cursors, augmented reality, full-screen forms and much more! So, for the year 2024 let’s take a leap of faith and initiate building better web designs for unforgettable user experience. The year is all set to bring forth amazing changes about how we see the real-world and how we interact with the digital world.