AI Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

AI Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

In 2024, the one word that will rule the online world is ‘variety’. The growing number of online users now have a wider array of options and customization available than ever before in history! Almost everyone owns a website now; people are learning more about the importance of social media (thanks to 2023), marketers and influencers are offering winning-edge to business/brand, etc. This year we might also see changes in voice search and number of development in the eCommerce frontline. With technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) gaining popularity, we can expect some amazing features coming out to enhance user experience. 

Last year, the AI plugins available for WordPress helped web developers take away the stress of doing everything manually. This means the AI plugins are all set to reduce the labor of web development. Combined with SEO Services, marketers can rank their clients’ website higher in the SERPs. 

Artificial Intelligence – Plugins 

AI search hit the peak during December 2020. More and more web developers are using AI plugins for WordPress development. The results were the massive reduction of manual work and increase in quality of website performance. Today, several AI plugins are available out there. In this post, you will read about the top 8 plugins that use artificial intelligence and we have included some free plugins as well! 

Here we go…

1. WooCommerce Chat Bot 

Using WooCommerce is easy, plus there are a lot of useful features on this platform. That’s the reason WooCommerce is becoming the choice of millions around the world. Its chatbot leverages artificial intelligence to open conversation with visitors, and it feels like having an actual conversation. Online store owners are using the chatbot features to introduce new products to the visitors and for following up on leads. Chatbots also help in sending discounts and for cross-selling. 

2. AI Product Recommendation 

Another best use of the AI in WooCommerce surfaced in product recommendation. This plugin comes with a simple dashboard that allows users to activate AI recommendations. AI-powered plugin automatically recommends the best products for the visitors and improves overall engagement. These recommendations come from the proximity of the related products, which makes sense since the supermarkets also does it.  

3. Pricing And Discount With AI 

Everyone likes to gain benefits from discounted deals. To strategically place the discount, traditionally the marketers follow the manual process of configuring. During the festive season last year, around November and December, marketers leverage WooCommerce AI plugins to offer customized discounts to the customers. Today, if you own an online store, then you can implement a different type of discounts to any product by using AI.

4. AI Assistant – WordPress 

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms among web developers, bloggers, business owners and brands, etc. This year, WordPress touched the 40% mark in the overall market. That means 1 in every 4 websites leverages WordPress. Its virtual AI-power plugin engages with the user as a smart assistant. One benefit of using an AI assistant is that your visitors never feel left alone.  

5. Speaker – Page to Speech 

Voice search continues to dominate the smart speaker industry. The trend is slowly but surely getting noticed by web developers, so it’s making its way to websites. Speaker makes it possible for users to listen to website page content in audio format, preferably with human-like speech. The speaker plugin is powered by AI, it delivers 200+ voices in 40+ languages. Also, the users have complete control over functions like pause, play, etc.

6. Voicer – Plugin 

In a similar category, we have the Voicer – a WordPress Plugin. The Voicer performs a similar function like ‘speaker’ and ensures readability. This plugin can also convert 200+ voices available in 30+ languages. One benefit of using Voicer over Speaker is that it is backed by Google Cloud, which assures speed of the plugin. It is easy-to-use, and they have used it in client services sectors. 

 7. Facebook Messenger Bot 

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, and after lockdown, it’s rapidly used for online selling. With Facebook messenger, you can stay directly open a communication channel with your customers. When it comes to selling, there are a lot of consumer questions that demand your time and energy. Online sellers can leverage chatbot to reduce their overhead without losing the customers. 

8. Innue

An alternative to messenger chatbot for customer service is Innue. It’s also used for collecting information. Innue is interactive and can create personalized experiences to scale up sales. They backed the chatbot with powerful AI and it can display menus on a variety of devices, for example, laptops and smartphones. Innue is here to stay! 

The chatbots come handy and they can solve some of the biggest problems. Currently, chatbots are being used for subscription, entertainment, collecting information, placing an order, finding search intent, and much more! That is why some giants like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatApp support chatbots. Here, check out the top 5 benefits of using Chatbots to hack your business growth. 

1. Easy Availability 

The opportunities can come at any time, and you want to make sure that your website is ready for it. Most of the customers will purchase if someone is there to help navigate through the store. That’s where chatbots come into the picture. Chatbots improve sales by informing customers about the latest discounts and offered deals. A chatbot can stay available 24×7 and also take customer queries. 

2. Personalization 

The key is the ‘personalized experience’ and nowadays, for online business and brand, it’s important to deliver it for multiple reasons. For a start, personalization can produce more leads. Setting up a chatbot can increase engagement and boost user interaction with your service offered on the online website. It makes the entire process of the market lean towards achieving better performance. 

3. Surf The Trends

Trend’s can be short-lived, long-lived, and evergreen. In some trends, customer interaction with brand increases, you must leverage such excellent opportunities to take your business to the next level. Chatbots can help in capturing such trends to enhance customer engagement as well as to upscale the sales. 

 4. Better Insights 

One of the overlooked parts of using a chatbot is the ‘unmatched phrases’. Those marketers who leverage this feature also gain insight into the development of the customer query and search pattern of the user. Using this data, a marketer can again lean the market goals to capture more audience. The chatbot also collects feedback and reviews from the customers. 

5. Simple Implementation 

Placing a chatbot on your website does not require you to first learn about ‘rocket-science’. In other words, it’s quite simple, and that’s why chatbots are much more popular now than a couple of years ago! The use of AI in chatbot is making it possible for business and brand to implement them on their website without much hassle. 

AI Plugins And Chatbot For WordPress/WooCommerce – Summing Up 

It is safe to predict that AI will continue to support plugins for WordPress/WooCommerce platforms. The area is advancing at a consistent pace! More and more marketers are now experimenting with Chatbot to automate various processes. We expect it that these technologies will reduce not only the cost but the laborious, repetitive work as well. 

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