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How SEO and Web Design Together Can Bring You Better Results

Have you ever come to think that a good combination of your website design and quality content can bring you success? I guess many think that these two different business marketing strategies are quite unrelated and play their role in achieving your business goals separately. But to the extent, they perfectly match and work together to provide you an amazing experience.

If you are wondering why this is so, well, the Google platform is the main bridge that makes them work together accordingly. As we all know, Google is the primary search engine commonly used and trusted by people around the world. And because of that, the platform mostly emphasizes those sites acquiring quality content with a good web design out of the vast competition.

Upon reading this, I guess you already got the logic. Both high-quality content and web design must work together to be on top of the Google platform search outcome. If your website lacks this unique combination, then you are adding to your site’s bounce rate or to make it simpler, you are losing sales. Plus, it will decrease your chances of having a high SEO ranking.

Let’s discuss the 5 points that shows the relationship between SEO and Website Design:

  1. Making the website user-friendly 
  2. Creating simple and meaningful design
  3. Uploading Valuable Content
  4. Ensuring speed of browser for scrolling
  5. Having a Focused sitemap

Before proceeding into the main core of this piece of article, make yourself familiarised with the following important bits of information:

What is SEO?

SEO is widely known as Search Engine Optimization commonly applicable to online businesses. It optimizes your site for elevating the likelihood of gaining organic website traffic from the search engine platforms like Google.

Know more about the importance of SEO for an online business.

What should I do to have an effective design for my website?

To have a good web design, you must consider the following factors:

  • Typography
  • Media (images and videos)
  • Colors
  • Consistency
  • Website structure
  • Functionality and simplicity

How important is web design and SEO on your website?

It is very essential  as much as businesses that rely upon social media will never survive the industry without them. Every web designer expert has already accumulated in his mind how important it is to create an effective web design that attracts high SEO ranking. Moreover, Effective Website Design can mitigate the impact of covid-19 on small businesses.

SEO will help your business have better and higher search engine result rankings but it does not just play alone. Your website must have an effective web design as well. The combination and application of both business marketing strategies will bring your business real success.

If you want to understand this business marketing strategy more, then feel free to read and acquire more knowledge on the 5 ways solid SEO and web design work together to build rapport with Google.

1. Making your website user-friendly

When Google made a point in putting up the use of mobile phones in its access list, many websites have incorporated their sites into mobile devices as well to reach as many people as they can. Some studies concluded that mobile phone users cause more traffic than those who are using desktops or laptops. It means that the majority of people visiting websites are mobile devices users.

In connection, if you want to be one of those highly-recommended and easily searched websites in the Google platform, you have to consider mobile-friendly web design tips to create a mobile friendly web design. Once you prioritize this strategy, it would be super easy for people to access your site and connect with you on desktop as well as on mobile. Plus, Google will no longer have hesitations in recommending your website to those people that match your content.

To make it more concise, ask yourself these directing questions:

  • Is my website easily accessible?
  • How will the prospective customers find my site?
  • Is my content valuable and effective in various screen sizes like in cell phones and desktops?
  • Will my site reach as many people as it can?

Hence, if your website brings out a lot of barriers before a visitor who is accessing it or simply not mobile-friendly, it would be hard for both the users and Google to recommend your site which is already a big downfall of your business or offers. You may think that web design and SEO are unrelated and do not create an impact on your Google search ranking together but both combinations can bring you a lot of benefits.

You now try to create responsive web design that incorporates the use of mobile devices. This will help to boost your SEO ranking.

2. Creating simple yet meaningful design

Undeniably, most websites give more attention to valuable content and enhance it for the hope of getting traffic and be highly recommended by the Google platform. But, do you know that a well-thought web design is a leading factor that makes your content much better and easy to understand?

No matter how insightful, useful, and valuable your content is, if it is not properly presented to the viewers, then your effort in creating that content will get less attention. Why? Because you did not put attention to creating an effective design for your web since you focus more on what to present than how to present. Both must be equally emphasized for a better result.

No visitors would prefer to stay if there are a lot of clutter, unnecessary elements, and hyperlinks that are not properly placed, inappropriate fonts, and colors on your website. What is the point of creating content if your target audience can not properly understand them?

Now, ask this to yourself

  • Is my web design eye-pleasing or annoying to view?
  • Does my web design match the personality of my content?
  • How will I present my content properly and without interruptions?
  • Is my web design helpful and contributing success to my content?

An eye-pleasing web design that can greatly emphasize your content or offers that are valuable to people will bring traffic to your site thus increasing the chances of attention and brand awareness from your target market. This will lead you to be easily recommended by the Google platform elevating your SEO ranking.

3. Uploading valuable content:

Out of hundreds and even more of contents that can be found on the Google platform, the clearest and valuable content with winning keywords, structure, and easy to be found, plus a catchy related web design is most probably on the primary list recommendations by the said platform. Content plays an important role in digital marketing.

Creating such kinds of content that are set to answer the people’s questions and needs are the most successful ones. You know, if your content is providing answers to a user’s query then it should be represented by a beautiful web design that is user as well as mobile friendly. As I have said, a good web design can present your content properly, without interruptions, and in a better way. One effective way to boost and level up your SEO is by applying a marketing strategy that puts a lot of attention to its content.

To help and guide you in creating such winning contents, try to answer these simple questions from your perspectives and emerge it to the best marketing strategies you know:

  • Is my content clear, concise, formally structured, and valuable to my visitors?
  • Does my content have a good web design that can back them up and may help in representing them in the best possible way?
  • Is my content easy to follow?
  • Does it have winning keywords?

A good content structure with a clear, direct, and useful substance can help you and your business climb the ladder of success without you even noticing it. To the extent, if you do so, you are increasing the likelihood of your website being on the primary or one of the most searched content over the internet. Expect an increased ranking and development in your SEO and celebrate the good time!

4. Making sure that your website has an accurate speed for browsing:

No one wants a poor browsing experience. It is frustrating and will just cause you to waste a lot of time. That is why it is always recommended to create a web design that has an efficient speed and without any browsing difficulties.

One of the main points that the Google platform is looking upon is your web design. Yes! That is right! Your web design is primarily connected to the performance of your browsing speed. The main reason for a slow loading is your design that accumulates so much media, clutter, and elements that occupy a lot of spaces in your site. If this happens, your visitors will no longer put any effort into scrolling what is with your content since doing so needs a lot of time. It means that you are likely to lose prospective customers and will eventually elevate your bounce back statistics.

To ponder, here are two questions made just for you:

  • Is my website offering accurate and sufficient speed for browsing my website?
  • Will they leave satisfied and with less frustration with the kind of loading speed my website has?

The more a website ignores this website issue, the more it receives less engagement from people. That is why, if you do not want this to happen, think of solutions instead. Better use the proper way to optimise images, videos, and formats for less space occupation. Make it simple, structured, easy to follow, and clean as much as possible. Doing that will result in a better and more satisfying scrolling experience.

When your visitors feel satisfied with your loading speed, have no more frustration about it, and find the pieces of information they need after leaving your site, then expect them to come back later. If your website is doing great in providing quality service for browsing, then it would be easy for the Google platform to recommend it to people.

5, Having a clear and focused sitemap:

As the term describes itself, a sitemap refers to a map of a website. It paves the way for search engines to find the new page on the website, it gives structure of the website to the search engine and index the entire web content. This makes sitemap an essential element to make it easy for the website to crawl to your website.  Stemap is a guide for pages and content on a website, it is essential to have an updated sitemap of the website. This blueprint is necessary, and this is because of its role in making the right for larger and newer websites, which may not carry external links by now. 

Adding more to the list, sitemaps simplify user navigation. In the cases when your site gets a new visitor, a sitemap can make his/her experience a good one. Sitemaps consist of metadata about the web pages, which opens more chances of higher ranking.   

Over to you

There are a lot of digital marketing ideas you can choose from to build a productive rapport with the Google platform. But, you have to make wise decisions to achieve so, and combining your catchy and related web design to your high-quality content would be the wisest way to gain Google’s recommendation. This leading search engine will give more attention to you if you are showing attention to your substance and how you present it to your target market. It is a matter of creating a UX design for a website or responsive business website out of other productive and very competitive rivals of yours, so think about it now.

One primary advantage you must achieve in your business is having a high-ranking SEO and one effective way to gain this success is through constant efforts. So, better follow and be responsive in dealing with the platform’s basic list of must-haves, to suit its recommendation standards. If you want to excel in your field, do whatever it takes to advertise or promote your brand to a wide scope of people. Keep inspired in aiming success for your brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and earning revenues and take action for it as early as now.