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Benefits of iOS App

In this technology-prone era, most of the time people get confused whether to go for iOS or Android while developing an app. No doubt, the business requirements are increasing day-by-day, and developers are confronting issues pretty often. Amidst these scenarios, Android and iOS, both are considered as the most creative platform to build a unique application, which can further help in the productivity of the business.

However, in the past few years, Apple has faced substantial growth, not only in the United States, rather, in every nook and corner of the world. More and number of people started to love the Apple devices and features, and have also appreciated the innovative features and quality.

Moreover, Apple has never compromised on the quality, and this is the reason why the demand of iOS app development is rising across the world. To turn the table in your favour, we are offering you the iOS platform for your respective business, which will help you to defeat your competitors, and you can easily stand out of the crowd proudly.

Some facts

Why choose our services

Intuitive user experience

It is of no surprise that Apple device is quite user-friendly and provides a fantastic environment to the customers, which is a result of tech innovation. With the use of UX at the base of everything, we create a unique ecosystem for you, which can quickly attract audience towards you.

Unmatched security option

iOS is a flexible and robust platform for the entire industry, which delivers immaculately safe and relevant app that adhere to all the basic requirements and regulations. You will experience a stable and conducive environment, which ultimately produces high returns to your company if you opt for our development services.

Revenue model consideration

The ios application development has a lower market share at this point as compared to the Android. But, on the other side of the fence, the mobile applications in the Apple store have a different story. It produces more revenue than the Android apps can even think of. Because of this factor, we choose iOS application development over others.

Technologies that fuel our iPhone and iPad Apps

To help you in increasing the sales and reach of the business, we develop iOS apps, which will surely give you better user experience, and moreover, will save much of your time by fulfilling business demands. We are using some of the best technologies to spice up your customer’s experience. Have a look at the list mentioned below.

  • M-commerce

    With the help of our creative teams and developers, we develop ready-made platforms for the mobile application, which can render hassle-free connectivity to amazing online e-Commerce stores and marketplaces. To have a better shopping experience, we have also incorporated the smart choices like a wish list, voice search methods, sharing of products in the social networks, favourite categories, and much more.

  • AR

    In order to channelize the excellence and expertise of the augmented reality in the field of hospitality, corporate and sports industry, we are creating applications in iOS, Android and Windows 8 platform as well, which has already been examined as handy for enhancing customer’s experience in the gaming zones, restaurant chains, and corporate conferences.

  • Wearable

    We have already witnessed the potential and benefit of using the wearable technology in the real-life sectors like diet management, health care, and fitness awareness, which is only possible because of the iOS and Android platforms. Our teams are capable enough to build fine tines in the apps, and try their level best to reach the highest zenith heights regarding perfection. By integrating the wearable devices like the GPS location tracking and Bluetooth device, we bring the best app in front of you.

  • GEO location

    With the use of GEO location technology in the field of e-Commerce, hospitality and other industries, we are creating apps in the platforms Android, iOS, and Windows 8 to resolve the business requirements. To improve better customer retention as well as to provide personalized buying experience by meeting unique needs, you can choose us, the best iPad and iPhone application development company today. Our ios development services will surely amaze you.

  • Messaging

    Now, users will not face the issues while managing the user database, archiving chat logs and transferring media contents. We have successfully overcome these issues in our apps, and have also added social chat messaging services, which will help the users a lot.

  • Hybrid

    We have always aimed to leverage a better development idea, which can maximize the profits. So, achieve this, hybrid apps are the best option. Deploying the CSS, HTML and some advanced frameworks like PhoneGap, we are now able to create apps in platforms like Android, and iOS.

  • Video streaming

    We have used the HTML 5 technology to manage the complex requirements of the online television channels, live video sharing websites and e-Commerce business. Thus, with the help of our services, you can now get seamless and reliable video transmission services on the mobile without any interruption.

  • BLE 4.0

    With the help of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, we have created the apps, which are quite stronger than ever before and provide better connectivity by consuming less power.

  • Enterprise mobility

    We have used advanced technologies in our applications like push notifications and augmented reality for improving the network security, management of the stocks and sales, business metrics, as well as to increase employee’s engagement.

  • Rewards

    By implementing the GEO location, Google map and push notification in our application, which is developed in the Android and iOS platforms, we have perfectly used the framework called rewards for increasing the reach of the business, to motivate employees for participating in the vital corporate gathering, and for encouraging careful driving.

Empowering Your Idea in 3 Simple Steps


Prototype design

Before we delve deep into the designing process, we design the prototype or layout to understand where our teams are exactly lacking behind. Moreover, to check the feasibility of the application, prototype design is a must. After deciding our final step from the layout, we proceed to next and implement animations and interactive stuff into the apps like Origami, Framer, and much more.



When it comes to mobile app development, nothing seems more important than coding. However, we have the best coders with us, who exactly knows how to impress clients with some twists and fun. To achieve customer’s satisfaction, our developers follow diverse languages, which further increase the productivity of the project, and allow you to meet user’s expectation.



We understand the value of time, and this is the main reason why deliver the products within the stipulated time frame. And moreover, at every stage of the development process, we consider the client’s requirement and perform our best to minimize errors. We save much of your time and resources, and however, reduce the chances of risk to a great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Mandy Web Design, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement even before you share your idea with us; however, we make sure to keep high level of confidentiality with respect to your idea, with an NDA and even without it.We do not reuse the source code or technology that we have developed for our client.
It usually takes between 4 to 6 months for an iOS app to be developed and delivered to the client. But sometimes, it takes lesser or longer as per the requirement and complexity of the app.
Every project is assigned to a project leader who stands responsible to take care of interaction with the client. He/she, on behalf of all team, creates communication with respective client and implements things accordingly.
Yes, we do help our client in availing the app on the app store. Our firm certainly takes care of the client needs right from the start to the very end of the mobile app development process, and even after that.
With new OS releases, you should first test the app in new OS and list out the points not working. If any issue occurs, it is advised you create a list of all those issues and contact the development company which will fix them by making changes to the code.


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