Server Maintenance

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Server Hardening:

Full security audit and lock down.
Full security hardening.
Control panel setup like Plesk/WHM/DirectAdmin installation and configurations.
Directory Permissions set to prevent traversal by unprivileged users.
Sysctl security hardening.
Compiler and fetch utility access can be limited to root only.
Hardening of SSH service.
All common services are checked and locked down as needed.
BFD (Brute Force Detection) system installation.
Disable any and all unused services to further secure.
Optimize performance of your server.
Package audit of your RPM system.
Firewall installation (APF/CSF) to keep the bad guys out.

Server Migration:

AWS TO AWS Server Migrations
AWS TO Azure Migrations
Domain Migrations
SSL Installations
Mail Server Migrations
Database Migrations

Server Configuration

Cloud and dedicated Server set up and installation
Source code compilations and installations

Server Maintenance

Checking server log files
Assessing hard disk space
Examining folder permissions
Monitoring network temperature applications
Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems
Examining security features
Installing security software patches
Reading server logs for security alerts or evidence of computer hacking attempts
Updating antivirus software on all computers on the network
Updating critical service packs and software updates
Performing daily back-ups